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Aerating Ponds With an Environmentally Friendly Windmill

Posted on February 21, 2017 in Real Estate

A windmill is a beautiful feature that can add a lot of visual appeal to any landscape. Custom built windmills suit the size of the property perfectly and add a rustic and serene touch to any natural or man-made pond. The problem is that having a windmill custom built is very expensive. An affordable option is a windmill aerator kit. This is a much more affordable system that is designed for the scale of a typical pond. The windmill is also a useful feature and not just for aesthetics. The power the kit generates operates the aerator. This solves the worry of finding a way to bring electricity out to ponds that are not near any power source.

Common Aerator Benefits

Aerators prevent algae overgrowth and introduce oxygen to pond water. This makes it healthier for the fish in the pond and improves the overall appearance of the water feature. Cold weather ponds also remain somewhat ice-free due to the slight turbulence the aerator creates. With windmill pond aerators these benefits are done without the cost or burden of maintaining electric pumps.

Frequent Aerator Concerns

Windmill aerators are low maintenance and operate efficiently without a great deal of human intervention. The tubes can become clogged or develop leaks over time, so it is still important to inspect the system regularly to avoid any unexpected breakdowns. It is also important to remember that the wind is what will power the aerator and the pond can become affected if the windmill does not receive enough wind.

Easy Windmill Solutions

In areas where seasonal wind levels vary greatly, it was once necessary to have an electric aerator available as a backup. This meant that remote ponds were not viable locations for a windmill. This has now changed because powder coated windmill aerators can operate in winds as gentle as 3-5 miles per hour.

Most people prefer placing a windmill directly against the pond for the most appealing look. This is not necessary for the operation because the aerators can work even when the windmill is located up to 1,000 feet from the edge of the water. This is useful for locations where the pond receives very little wind despite the windy conditions on the adjacent hilly terrain. Solutions for keeping lines ice-free during the winter and preventing other damage to the system are readily available and easy to employ.