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Affordable Handmade Leather Hip Flasks

Posted on August 9, 2017 in Clothing & Fashion

Handmade leather products can be expensive because they take craftsmen a significant amount of time and effort to create. The leather has to be processed, conditioned, dyed, and then treated to make it waterproof. Textures, such as the crocodile and snake skin look, have to be incorporated as well. After that, leather has to shaped and double stitched. All those processes are completed by hand for exquisite results.

High-quality handmade leather products are well worth the cost. They will last a lifetime, look stunning, and have that wonderful and irresistible smell. Depending on the intended use, leather can be made hard and stiff for trays, organizers, and tote boxes. It can also be soft and supple for handbags, jackets, and belts.

Despite the lengthy and arduous process, companies that have been in business for decades have been able to refine the steps, streamline the procedures, and create handmade leather that is high-quality and affordable. The fact that items are also available online has resulted in volume sales, which also helps keep pricing affordable. The cost of handmade leather hip flasks, for example, will surprise most shoppers. The styling, stitching, and quality of the leather is quite impressive.

Shipping is free via UPS and customers in the UK can expect their orders in two or three business days. International shipping will take from five to seven business days to reach customers. Hip flasks are offered in several colors, prints, textures, sizes and shapes. Embossed initialing can be added upon request. That is an excellent idea, especially if the flask will be given as a gift. It also adds elegance to the flask so consider adding embossing even if the item is intended for personal use.

A multitude of other handmade leather items are also available in different categories. Leather bags include purses, tote and carry bags, shaving and toiletry bags, and golf bags, among others. Satchels is another category with a wide selection of options. Desk caddies, night table trays, jewelry boxes, and business card holders are among the home and office category offerings. There are even dog collars and leads available. Do not settle for cheap imitations when fine quality handmade leather is so affordable.